Texas Rangers 1875

Texas Ranger Adventure Log
Wanted sound young men with out families and with good horses.

First adventure is also the first time running Savage Worlds. Trying to become familiar with the game system and introduce the characters by having them be recruited and give a obstacle course, requiring riding, noticing a target and firing their weapons.

Early April 1975 see poster for recruitment in two weeks. The Great State of Texas will be holding recruitment in Uvlade for Company F, Frontier Battalion of the Texas Rangers, John B. Jones, Major Commanding and Neal Coldwell Captain Co F. The period of Service will be twelve months unless sooner discharged. As it is expected that this force will be kept actively employed during their term of service only sound young men without families and with good horses will be received. Persons under indictment or of known bad character or habitual drunkards will be rejected. Compensation will be $40 per month paid quarterly.

April 24, 1875

Outside of Uvlade to the north along the Nueces River is a camp with several canvas tents setup under the towering Pecan trees along the bank of the river. Spread around are half a dozen wagons a string of small mules and several small strings of hobbled horses. with several hard looking men working or lounging around camp. Another bunch of men are standing, sitting their horse in an area around a table. Sitting behind the rough tressel table is a dapper gentleman and a another cowboy. The dapper man has a leather portfolio and pen set in front of him. The cowboy sitting at the table motion’s you over and introduces himself as Captain Coldwell. Nodding towards the gentleman next to him introduces Major Jones. He starts the interview requesting your experience, location of birth, current occupation and assets. After the interview the applicants are give a quick field test. They are asked to to ride a course through several trees, over a fallen tree and through a small creek. Along the course are five targets. The targets are torso sized pieces of cowhide with black tar X’s on them tacked to trees. They are to be attacked both dismounted and from horseback some with rifle and others with pistol. The applicant is allowed to shoot as many times as they want, if necessary they will have to reload on horseback.

Target 1: Start line, fire before starting off. Notice +2, 60 yards (30”), pistol or rifle.
Target 2: Requires trot of 60 yards. Notice +2, Range min 20 yards (10”), pistol.
Target 3: Requires moving over (or around) fallen log, Riding, Notice +1, min 30 yds (15”), pistol.
Target 4: Requires run through creek, Notice +0, min range 10 yards (5”).
Target 5: Full out run firing at target on move, min range 12 yards (6”).
Target 6: Full run to stop, dismount and fire rifle at target 120 yards (60”) off.

Mods: +3 to hit stationary target, called shot center -3


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